BioTrends™ is a software system developed for managing microbiological data and laboratory activities of the environmental monitoring programs, personnel, raw materials and finished products monitoring. The software is in compliance with
FDA 21 CFR part 11.

The routine tests carried out by the microbiology laboratory in order to detect the possible presence of fungi, yeast and bacteria, generate a considerable volume of data that can be easily and accurately managed thanks to BioTrends™.

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It will make the operators' data entry task easier, while the laboratory and quality managers will have a powerful tool that they can use in order to plan work, carry out their data analysis, generate complete reports and export data.

Sampling data are collected in a structured way by means of the sampling plans defined by the managers in charge, which will contain homogeneous elements sorted into groups according to the type of Control. Work can be planned, then the sampling and analysis activities can be assigned to single operators and programmed in advance. During data entry, the system will signal possible discrepancies and it will indicate when the acceptance levels are exceeded, keeping track of each operation in the audit trail.

Thanks to the management of electronic signatures on records, BioTrends can be used to manage environmental monitoring without using paper. With a state of the art solution, we can support the barcode technology to track all the activity in your monitoring programs. Samplings, incubations, readings and identifications are totally in your hands.


_ Simplifies monitoring process
_ USP 35 - <General chapter 1116> compliance
_ Paperless
_ Faster reaction to problems
_ User friendly interface
_ Customizable routine report
_ Standard configurable software
_ Web based User and technical support
_ Certainty of data
_ Integrated deviation manager