Archilex MCS is the Archilex SA division dedicated to communication services:
Marketing Communication Services.

Its headquarter is in Lugano (CH).

Archilex MCS is a spin-off by Archilex SA, who  has projected, into the external  market, the successful experiences gained for its own customers, in the communication field .
It stands out as a value-added partner in many aereas  of communication, for the most demanding customers and from areas where expertise and business knowledge do  count.
Archielex MCS provides all the value which an aggregatedd structure can give:
In-house professionals, expert in the conceivement, the design and  the making of the most widespread tools in marketing communication, both paper and multimedia/web based. 
Associated professionals, expert in the development and the making of corporate identity systems for packaging aand modern marketing documentations. 
Integrated communication consultants, (from the transposition  of strategic and marketing input, to the implementation of  actual projects) with International experiences. 


Branding and Communication Strategies
>> Integrated or specific communication plans in theme or product.
>> Localization of International and / or group communication plans.
>> Assessment of existing initiatives

Consumer and Corporate branding
>> Creativity and design: product brands / company systems, corporate image
>> Packaging design and study systems by product line.
>> Advertising and graphics characterization of events and  stands for events
>> Naming (products, product lines / offers, initiatives, businesses, etc..)

Marketing Communication Services Operation
>> Turnkey development  of commercial documentation (systems and individual works)
>> Study and items  development of below-the-line items (DM, leaflet, brochure, folder sale, exhibitors, webzines / e-newsletters, websites and Internet    portals, etc ...)
>> Realization of white papers and success stories of product / service
>> Turnkey institutional documentation (eg annual reports)
>> Design  of institutional events and marketing
Ppt/web Presentations of products offers



According to Archilex MCS, a communication partner not only has to be creative:
It needs to understand the customer’s business, as well as  its essence and its timing requirements.
It needs to understand the “feeling”, the styles and the different procedures for each customer.
It needs also to understand the customer’s immediate and future needs
Archilex MCS’s approach is based on six main principles:

Listen – because every customer has its own specific needs and the Communication Partner has to do quickly and better what is truly needed.
Share – because feeling and experience are the best combination to create fine products
Study – because in communication requires a great design effort  and nothing is improvised.
Propose – because a requirement may often have better answers than those developed originally
Finalize – because ideas are not useful if they are not  developed and, ultimately, the job is not completed
Check – because everything changes quickly  and it’s important to understand whether the initiatives implemented have really fulfilled the expectations or if they need to be integrated or realigned.

The Customer is more than a Costumer:
It’s a partner!